Hair exfoliation?

Is there any substance to the argument that we need a hair exfoliator as opposed to a clarifying shampoo? Several companies make them. There are also recipes to make your own - course salt added to spoo or conditioner. It seems like it might be excessive, though. Perhaps causing more breakage or dryness?


  • "Hair exfoliator" is just a made up marketing term. With skin you want to exfoliate to encourage the upper layers of the skin to slough off which helps trigger the production of new skin cells. With hair, the last thing you want to do is scrape off the outer layer (which is the cuticle) because that causes split ends.
  • Randy, do chemical exfoliants like lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid scrape off the outer layer of hair, causing damage? I see these ingredients in shampoos and conditioners.
  • No they do not scrape of the cuticle. Sal acid, for example, can be an active agent in dandruff shampoo.
  • Do we need to exfoliate the sculp though? Will it make any difference against leaving it alone as it is I wonder...?
  • There is no evidence of which I'm aware that exfoliating your scalp will have any beneficial effect.
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