Have you seen these new lip plumpers/suckers on the market?

It first started with sucking on a shot glass. I saw videos and pictures all over Facebook of people who put their lips into a shot glass and sucked for about 2 minutes straight to "plump" their lips. There was actually a news article about one girl who tried this and well, it ended very badly. Then I started seeing companies make tools to help you do this! Candy Lipz has a variety of apple shaped tools, Fullips has made one (along with their signature "'neck tape"), and Juva Lips offers a battery operated lip plumper/sucker. These companies also claim that their tools can provide a "semi-permanent" effect, and are a great substitute if you don't want to go the permanent route of lip injections. I've seen some gnarly pics of people who've tried these. Can these tools really provide a "semi-permanent" effect? And how much damage to the lips do these tools cause?


  • These products they’re another variation on the “sucking lip plumper” trend. They’re like little plastic cup that you press against your lips – you suck on them to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into your lips. This hydraulic pressure provides a temporary plumping effect. After a while the fluid gets reabsorbed into the tissues and the lips go back to normal. That’s why you have to repeat it every day. If you just did this occasionally it’s probably not a big deal but I found an article quoting Dr. Dendy Engelman who’s the director of dermatologic surgery at New York Medical College. He says that the suction from this process causes “vessel engorgement” all this extra blood in your vessels sets off an inflammatory response (histamine release.) If you suck hard enough you can even break these blood vessels which will result in bruising. This is especially a problem for fair skinned people. So, these products are not a great way to plump your lips on a regular basis.
  • I haven't tried them! I've seen enough horror pictures to scare me away. It seems as if every person that has done this has broken blood vessels in their lips. Some have reported they've even developed blood blisters. I just think this mess is chaotic and definitely a waste of money.
  • mechanical lip plumpers have been around for many years....as in pre-inter-webs Like anything else in this world, moderation and common sense are key. Yes of course over-doing it makes one look ridiculous(trout-pout) and can cause bruising and bleeding and yes it is not a long lasting effect however, many/most/adult users find a proper balance of use that gives them a mild yet discernible plump w/o the negatives(see bruising, bleeding, fish lips, permanent damage). There's difference between subtle appearance enhancement and wholesale caricature-for-attention.
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