Should powder make up be thrown out after a few years?

Even when used regularly, my powder make up rarely gets used up. It's also quite warm in my room during the summer :/ I'm wondering whether some of the make up I've had for a few years might be causing my getting more breakouts than I used to, they go down pretty fast when I stop wearing it (but prior I was able wear it to with less breakouts). I also admittedly wasn't great about cleaning brushes, I've started to just recently. Nothing seems off about the products and unfortunately I have a lot, I'm trying to clear my skin up though - I feel my mom would be mad at me if I tossed them as well.


  • Most cosmetics are tested to ensure they're ok for at least 3 years under the right conditions. Powders typically last a long time because they don't have any water. There are some conditions that can make powders "go bad." If you're storing powders in hot and humid room they can pick up moisture which allow bacteria to grow. Similarly, if you're using a brush it can transfer bacteria to the powder. Getting rid of powders that are more than 3 years old may not be a bad idea. HOWEVER I doubt that your breakouts are being caused by the powder being older. It's more likely something else has changed.
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