List of Comedogenic ingredients?

Hi guys greetings from Scotland I am in my mid 30s and have always had combination skin. Recently I've been experiencing acne which I havent had a problem with in a long time. I figured at my age it may be down to products I'm using on my face. So I took to the internet as we do. I've found a list of ingredients to avoid as they are considered comedogenic and have been checking my products against this master list but this has posed 2 questions for me 1 Is this list scientifically researched and backed my evidence? 2 Sodium Chloride is on there but I've seen information that contradicts this being a comedogenic ingredient Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try the search function but couldn't find a similar question. Ps Im working my way through your book right now love the humour :) If you want to see the list I can post it in a reply Siobhan :)


  • It's difficult to find a reliable list of comedogenic ingredients. I can't find any scientific sources that say sodium chloride is comedogenic. (If anyone else has a good reference please let me know so I can confirm it!) Also remember that these ratings may not mean that much because it depends on what else is in the product that can increase or decrease the overall comedogenicity.
  • Hi Randy thanks for the reply Do you mean like the concept of potentiation? I hadn't even considered that aspect whats a consumer to do lol
  • Yes, sort of. It is confusing!
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