Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid

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Can anyone offer insight into the current use of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid by brands like Niod, The Ordinary and Farmacy. I have read up on it and I keep finding research that states it signals the inflammation pathway within the skin. I am a nurse and fully aware that HA exists in the body in varied weight and sizes. For example, this article on NCBI "High and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid differentially influence macrophage activation". I wrote to Niod about this topic and their response was, "The conclusion would only be valid if there was only LMHA present and no HMHA, in which case our bodies would have naturally been in an inflammatory state from birth as both forms are in the body. We take the supplementation of different grades of HA to a new level by also including precursors of HMHA. Since we cannot physically get HMHA in but we can get LMHA in, supplementing HMHA wouldn't help. The precursors actually work to cause your own production of HMHA to then further encourage this state of homeostasis, in addition to multi-layer hydration within various depths of the skin". Their answer was longer but to be frank didn't make sense to me because they never addressed in actual science. The studies I have read say that applying LMWHA to the skin causes a similar reaction to when skin is wounded and breaks HA down to fragments (i.e LMWHA) and those fragments stimulate inflammation. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. I may be way off on this and the answer might be obvious to some so be kind in your responses :) Just a gal wanting to weed out hype


  • It's confusing. The conventional wisdom on HA is that it's too big to penetrate and that it works by moisturizing the upper layers of skin. We have seen a couple of studies showing LMHA can penetrate skin and "work from within" but to be honest there's not a lot of data on this.
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