Does anyone get annoyed when estheticians claim to be able to treat medical conditions?

Or even worse say they are better than dermatologists! If you want to see estheticians getting pissed off read the comments on this article.


  • Yes! Pet peeve! An esthetician told me that clarisonic would help me with my rosacea. Actually, though--I'm not even sure she is an esthetician. She was a lady at a makeup counter who acted like one. She also told me I would flare up my rosacea by using powder foundations.
  • Reading those comments gave me so many lulz....
    Thank you. Estheticians, hair dressers, makeup artists and anyone, cannot STAND to have their so called expertise questioned, because they know deep down that it is worth questioning. And I am a makeup artist.
  • Very lulz indeed. I am may take esthetics but I am not going to act as if I am as knowledgeable as an MD.
  • What does lulz mean?  I am internet challenged.
  • @ Sarah - started as a plural of LOL …now used as a noun meaning funny or interesting internet content. Or so says the urban dictionary. I am internet challenged too.
  • Thanks, Lindygirl.  I sort of thought it must be related to lol, but wasn't sure.
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