Makeup Sponge Cleanser - Missing Ingredient

Hi, Hope this finds you well. I made a DIY makeup sponge cleanser & its good for removing fresh ( 1- 2 days old) makeup stains on sponges (i.e, beauty blenders). Nonetheless, if the stains are old (1 week or more), its almost complete ineffective. Whats missing from my formula? Stains as defined as - Powder foundation - Color cosmetics - Liquid foundation ( matt and such) Main Formula: - 99% Potassium Olivate ( Olive Oil + Potassium Hydroxide = Castile Soap) - 1% Citrus Aurantium Dulcis ( Sweet orange peel essential oil) Perhaps some sort of oil to bind the old stains which are dry? I have tried over 20 variants to the formula and I still don't know how to solve this issues. If you got any insight, I would really really appreciate it.
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