anti-oxidant cream in a jar

So the story goes that the cream will degrade and become useless, however could you still get the full benefit of anti-oxidants if: you use the cream up quickly, say within a couple of months; keep the jar open for seconds at a time as you use a spatula to scoop out some cream?


  • It's impossible to say for sure without some kind of test data. The technique you described would help limit exposure to air so that should help. It also depends on how well stabilized the antioxidants are.
  • i'm not sure if i understood your question correctly but if you're saying you leave the jar open just for a matter of seconds while you scoop out some cream with a spatula and then you apply it on your face and close it immediately you shouldn't have problems.
  • Any product packaged in a jar will be more exposed to the air than a product dispensed from a sealed container (like an airless pump.) Anytime the product is exposed to air, the antioxidants have an opportunity to be used up. So I'm not saying that you won't have any problems, I'm just saying that you if you minimize air exposure of your product it should help (but it won't be as good as using a product that's not packaged in a jar.)
  • unfortunately most creams or moisturizers are always contained in a simple jar, airless packagings are pretty rare and only some expansive brands use them. exposition to air will degrade the antixiodants regardless, even if you leave it open just for some seconds - but as long you limit its exposition to air and keep it close it shouldn't make a big difference.
  • thank you, it seems the manufacturers should know this, maybe they encapsulate the precious ingredients, who knows
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