Is Ziip that good?

Hi, I'm Luciana, and I have a question about a product called Ziip. I was watching videos on YouTube and came across this device, that estimulates the skin through eletrical pulse. This is their advertisement: ZIIP harnesses the cell-stimulating power of tiny electrical currents – including nano-currents which mimic the body’s own impulses – to kick-start cells and optimise their efficiency. Controlled by an app, you can adjust the setting to address specific skin concerns – from first signs of ageing to acne and lost elasticity – with tangible results in just four weeks. It’s the nearest thing to a Harley Street treatment at home. It sounds amazing, but is also very expensive, so I wanted to ask if this is a real thing, and that is a good investment. Thanks!


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    They mention something similar in their latest episode. It seems results are pretty inconclusive, at least that's what I took from it.
  • We've been able to find very little data showing that devices like this really work. And the data we have seen doesn't compare the device to any standard product like a retinol cream. Without more convincing evidence I'm very skeptical that a device like this is worth the money.
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