Does cuticle/nail oil penetrate nail polish and the nail plate?

I always assumed cuticle oil was just an over-specialized moisturizer, but I've now seen nail technicians claiming that certain types of oils (jojoba is the most common example given) are small enough that they actually penetrate the nail plate to help replenish the natural oils in the structure of the nail. Not only that, but they claim the oil will penetrate through polish to do this. I am skeptical. Can you provide some facts on this? Thanks!


  • it can actually penetrate into your nail polish to keep it more flexible however keep in mind polish has a tighter molecular structure than nail plates so there's no way it'll actually get into your nail plate when you have your polish on. i suggest you to leave your nails "naked" if you want to put nail oil on them for at least 3 days, in order to balance them again and then put your nail polish as usual to lock in the moisture.
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