Buying Beauty Products on Amazon

Hi Guys, I've heard some horror stories of people buying expired or knock off beauty products on amazon. Is there any good way to tell if a product is legit other than trial and error? Thanks!


  • this may not help you, but if you purchase any of the 30+ brands owned by Estee Lauder, then you are not getting authourized product; they could be expired, stolen or fake.
  • There's certainly no easy way to tell. You could ask the seller to tell you the manufacturing code that's printed on the bottle and then you could contact the manufacturer and ask them for the date that the product was made on. But that's kind of a pain in the butt.
  • what if the products are shipped and sold by Amazon? it makes sense if it is a 3d party seller(they could be no better than a mystery table at the flea market) but if the seller is Amazon - then it stand to reason Amz would not be selling illegitimate products.
  • If Amazon is just distributing products from reputable manufacturers then I agree, the products are less likely to be knock offs.
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    Amazon distributes products from pretty much anyone who wants to list on Amazon. You do have to qualify as a special seller to sell in the beauty category on Amazon but it's not terribly hard to do.

    Amazon has a pretty good return policy so if you got a product that didn't live up to your standards then you should ask for a refund.

    Whether you get a knock-off or counterfeit product would be extremely difficult to determine. Especially if the product was a good duplication. For many, I doubt there is any way to tell.

    And while Estee Lauder doesn't sell their products on Amazon there are many people who practice a strategy called Amazon Arbitrage. Essentially, these sellers go to the store, buy products from whatever beauty company they can find (e.g. Estee Lauder) then sell it for a higher price on Amazon.

  • ack the tyranny of choice! In my day, there was the dept store(4 -5 lines), drug store(3 -4 lines), merl norman and the avon & mary kay ladies. SO complex now <=o
  • Indeed, there seems to be innumerable choices. I'm reading a fascinating book called The Paradox of Choice, which is all about how too much choice is making us unhappy.
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