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I live in Brussels, Belgium and the water is particularly Hard. I have read on multiple occasions that clarifying would be a good option for me. I have been using a garnier fortifying and anti-residue (the name in french implies it gets rid of excess minerals) shampoo. It works more or less, but I am aware that in my case a chelating shampoo would be more efficient but I can't seem to find any. Any suggestions?

PS. I will not order via internet it's just too expensive, I need to be able to buy this in the store here in Belgium. Thank you.


  • It's difficult to offer suggestions since we don't know what products are available in stores in Belgium. But here's one cheap option you might consider: vinegar. We've seen evidence that rinsing hair with vinegar can remove minerals deposited from hard water. 
  • Do you live in the city in Belgium bc here city water is usually pretty good. That would suck to have hard water in the city.
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    I do live in the city Brussels to be exact and I am sorry to tell you but water in Brussels is HARD and it's a pain.
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    Elena,  I did a google search and found this thread from the long hair community. I am not sure it will be of any help, but thought I would pass it along.

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