shrink large pores?

What products and ingredients help with shrinking pores?


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    Azelaic acid! :) The best product is Finacea Gel. It is available over the counter in Australia but you need a script in USA.

    Keep your pores clean and that will help with helping your pores to look smaller.

    There is nothing you can do to shrink pores per say. I like BHA too like salicylic acid.

    Gadget wise. I use the ultrasonic skin scrubber. That keeps my pores small and clean :)

    Hope this helps.
  • I agree with the previous commenter -- Azelaic acid is awesome. my Rx for it in the USA was very expensive though, so I switched to generic Retin A Cream and have pretty good results with that too.
    Another trick is to keep your skin matte. any shine will "highlight" the edges of the pores. so avoid products that add a fake "glow" -- including anything that has Mica as an ingredient. choose foundations and powders that are matte.
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    In US, you can get azelaic acid using The Ordinary, no prescription needed ... but i did not find that as good as Finacea Gel. Also pocketderm does prescribe Azelaic acid.
  • I only believe in organic Visalift product to use on face. So i can recommend what I am using from last 6 months. Nothing else!
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