Help with Moisturizers for face and body! (for the cold SWEDEN)

Greetings, I am a student new to Sweden (and new to I tried to search the pages but couldn't find anything. If there are any similar threads please do direct me)

I would like to start a skincare routine to survive this extreme winter. (this week it was - 24 where I stay but generally it varies between - 10 to 10)

Since I had just arrived I bought almond oil and Försvarets Handsalva Försvarets Handsalva from the airport these i use for my body and for my hands.
Could u let me know what Moisturizer I could use for my body and face?
(I have combination skin type )
Thank you for your time :)


  • For your hands, your best bet is to use something that contains Petrolatum. It will be a much better moisturizer than other oils. This could also work for your face but it might feel too heavy.
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