Snake/Viper venom

I am 78 yrs and very recently tried "viper venom" under my eyes. It certainly worked and lasted 24 hours. However, it was extremely expensive.
What are your thoughts on this?
Also, are there any beauty product brands using venom, or alternatively a synthetic venom.


  • I would point out the following...

    When using any treatment 3 things can happen.

    1. The condition gets better
    2. The condition gets worse
    3. The condition doesn't change

    This is exactly what can happen when you use no treatment.

    The fact that you used the product and sensed that it worked doesn't mean that it worked or if it did, that the viper venom was what made it work. It is much more likely that the moisturizing effect of the product is what made your under eye area look and feel better.

    I've not seen any good scientific evidence that snake venom applied on the skin topically will have any extra benefit.
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