Coconut oil and hair penetration. AGAIN! )))

Hello dear Brains,

The search button at this forum doesn't seem to work (just wanted to sort out everything about coconut oil that has been previously discussed, no luck).
However I came across this post on your blog No way to tell when it was posted, but any news form Dove (or anyone) on coconut oil close competitors since then?
Also stumbled upon this summary of oil penetration and just wanted to ask your opinion on this.

Thank you!


  • The ScienceyHairBlog article is a little more optimistic than I'd be based on the available science but they mostly get it right.

    The post from the Beauty Brains on Coconut oil was from April 2014. I haven't seen anything new from Dove on the subject.

    Incidentally, I tried the search button and found lots of Coconut oil discussions. What makes you say the search function doesn't work?
  • Thanks for the answer, Perry :)
    Yep, the search works perfectly now. Must be some bug on my side >:)
  • As New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco points out, "Coconut oil indeed penetrates the shaft of hair deeper than most oils. And one study demonstrated that it can reduce protein loss, too." But that's benefit is exactly why, for some people, coconut oil can cause dryness. Here Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut oil
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