About scar reduction/ removal ointments


Lately, our market was invaded by these ointments that presumably remove scars, or at least make them fade.
I have scars in my bikini area due to the constant picking of ingrown hairs, and of course I would like to use a magic product to make them disappear, but I am skeptical about these products.
Apparently, they contain hyaluronic acid, even though their main ingredients are - in most of the cases - water, paraffin, alcohol. Others have resveratrol, copper sulfate etc.
Are these a scam? Could they work? Are there other better ways to get rid of scars?


  • I have old acne scars and would also like to know about this topic––it's so hard to tell what's real from what's snake oil!
  • These things are not exactly a scam but they probably aren't going to work in a noticeable way either. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which means it will give you some moisturizing. However, there is little evidence that moisturizing a scar will do much for making it less noticeable. It may help make it feel better.

    Resveratrol is not a proven topical treatment. There is some preliminary evidence it can have some anti-aging effects when ingested but there is zero proof it will help with scars.

    Copper sulfate - no, this won't work either.

    Unfortunately, right now there is no evidence that any topical treatment will significantly reduce the appearance of scars. Don't let the marketing fool you.
  • Exactly what I thought. Thanks!!!
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