Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) as makeup remover?

Hey guys!

I been reading mix information on this matter, anything from using Isopropyl alcohol as a makeup remover increases your chances to get acne plus drys the skin and "eliminates the skins antiaging properties" to using rubbing alcohol actually helps to fight acne as it removes bacteria from your face. I listened to your pot cast on Alcohol and skincare but it was more of an ingredient in a product type of thing rather the actual rubbing alcohol on your face lol.

So I hae very oily skin, I tend to use salisilic acid to remove my makeup but I go thru a bottle pretty fast, so I decided to buy rubbing alcohol to try it today, I removed my foundation with this and it was great I then followed up by applying some sunflower oil with Tee tree essential oil to my face.

I wanted to know your guys opinion on this matter, is it safe and effective to remove your makeup with this? Or there any cons I should be aware of??

Thanks in advance!

P/S: I love your podcast and just wish they were more!
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