Primers: acne and removers

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So I'm experimenting with facial primers. Question 1: can they cause acne? I've had this happen in the past when I've tried primer samples. Recently, I tried a primer and got a painful pimple, which is unusual for me. Hoping it's just a coincidence.
Question 2: do you need a special remover to get the primer off? I use a creamy cleanser that always takes all my makeup off, but with the primer, I still feel like there's a residue on my skin after cleansing.


  • Answer 1: Yes if any of the ingredients (or combination of ingredients) are comedogenic. 

    Answer 2: If the primer is silicone based it could be harder to remove than makeup which may consist of hydrocarbon oils, esters, powders, and pigments. A cleansing cream will be less effective at removing silicones than a facial wash. 
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    Thanks, Randy.  Are cones themselves comedogenic?

    Oh, and FWIW, my remover is Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser.  You can find the ingredients here.  Would that take off the cones?
  • I also have acne prone skin and because of the scars I don't ever skip applying makeup. I use avocado oil with some drops of tea tree oil as a primer in the morning and as a makeup remover and moisturiser in the evening. I know there are studies that show that tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide and also that vegetable oils can act as an alpha 5 reductase inhibitor. So this has been the best skin care routine for me so far, maybe Randy can confirm? For acne treatments I read, I've learned a lot there.
  • @ Sarah - You could maybe experiment with different types of oil and try oil cleansing. As you know I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) myself and that seems to remove everything quite well.

    EVOO and sweet almond oil are two I see referenced a lot as good cleansers.

    As with anything new, if you have reactive skin like mine, it pays to do spot tests!
  • Thanks, guys.  Oddly, I don't have acne prone skin, although I do have rosacea.  But primers have caused it to be acneic in the past.  Lindygirl, I have experimented with oil cleansing, but can't get passed the ick factor of the oil (I used olive).  Maybe I was using too much, but I just wanted to wash it off my face, it felt so heavy and greasy to me.
  • It doesn't take a lot. Guessing at the amount I pour into the palm of my hand, maybe a tablespoon.
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