Medical grade vs drugstore

Hi! So excited you guys are back at the podcast. I love listening to you guys while I’m outside walking with my baby in the carrier\stroller.

I am curious to know your opinion about medical grade skin care vs drug store/department brand, such as Elta MD and Mary Kay for example. I use Mary Kay and love the results (non biased) and it’s affordable. My esthetician friend claims her products in her salon are much superior and I shouldn’t be selling Mary Kay to my botox and filler clients as they don’t go hand in hand, according to her. She does make a good point as I have never seen a medical spa that sells Mary Kay. What are your thoughts on Mary Kay and is expensive medical grade really the best stuff in your opinion? Thanks so much! I’ve been thinking about this like crazy.


  • The podcast is back?! This is important news I am happy to know!!!
  • You cant sell MK in a shop, it goes against the contract with the way MK is about as close as you can get to garbage, what I mean is, Mary Kay do not sell "cosmetics", they sell inventory packages to people who are recruited into the pyramid scheme, they really are not in the business of making good cosmetics, it is simply a tool to sell to send money up the pyramid, you would be better using grocery store skin care. There is a wonderful site that will explain this better to you by victims of mary kay(broken marriages, thoudands in debt etc) look for pink truth

    thank you

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