Different levels of pigmentation intensity

Hi all, my question is about quality of colour in make up. Does cheap make up mean inferior colour? To me the answer is yes but can someone explain why the expensive brands have better shades and higher intensities? Thanks, Mary from Australia


  • I've never noticed a real difference in color intensity. Some cheaper brands have older feeling formulas (e.g. Revlon Colorstay) that I think are meant for shaking before use. Could that be the difference you are noticing?

    I assume more shades for expensive brands is due to more available funds for research and development. That might also explain differences in color intensity, though I think drug store brands tend to do fine on color.
  • I have always wondered about pigmentation, especially in eyeshades.

    I think the base has a role to play in some shadows, as some seem really dry and chalky.

    Also, why do pastel colours always seem to be so difficult.
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