camellia sinensis leaf extract cream for acne?

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My skin is acne prone, now it's much better but still not perfect. I came across some creams and lotions containing camellia sinensis leaf extract as a first ingredient. Do you think it's worth the money to buy such a cream? Will it make any difference on my skin? Does it matter which cream exactly? I can post the other ingredients as well if they are necessary.


  • There's no evidence that camellia sinensis leaf extract is effective against acne. 
  • If you're talking about active levels of EGCG, that's a different story. I thought you just meant a regular cosmetic product that contains a small percentage of the tea leaf extract. 
  • If it is listed as the first ingredient, do you think it has active levels of EGCG? Will it be any good? Is it possible to cause a break out?
  • I have no idea if it cause break outs. And it's hard to tell if just being the first ingredient means anything in this case. That's because it depends on what kind of tea extract they're using, how it was processed, etc. Since ECSG is not an approved drug active I doubt you'll find it in any reputable product. 
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