Cosmetic Companies Hiding Toxic Chemicals?


  • Another scare story that doesn't help anybody.
  • We'll look into this and see if we can find out the details.
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    While not toxic, I recently discovered that a Mario Badescu cream -- Healing Cream -- I used for years (yes, bought from the manufacturer) worked so well because it contained undisclosed corticosteroids. When the product suddenly disappeared from stores and the company's website, I was frantic because I developed a huge, ugly rash and thought that getting more of the cream would "cure" it. As it turned out, my rash was steroid withdrawal and I had to go through it and it wasn't pretty. I will never buy another Mario Badescu product. (And no, I didn't register for the class-action suit because who wants to be "rewarded" with a $45 gift certificate to a company they don't trust?)
  • Wow. Is this documented somewhere SuziL? It sounds like an urban legend to me and I'd like to learn more about it.  
  • Actually, I just found this article and it seems legit:
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    Yes. I ordered from the Mario Badescu website and received an email notice of the class-action suit.

    I was on a business trip to Southern California and had forgotten to bring the cream, which I was using for breakouts (what would be described as perioral dematitis). While I was there, I started to break out and it was getting really bad looking. So on the way home, I searched out an Ulta -- because this cream was the only thing that had consistently worked -- and was told it "had been taken off the shelves because it needed to be repackaged".

    Eventually, my backlash rash subsided. Then I was diagnosed with an allergy and the perioral dermatitis went away. Now my skin is the best it's been in my adult life. Still sensitive, but good.

    I'm more than annoyed. This cream cost me years of good skin because every time I backed off on using it, I broke out more, causing redness and scarring. I used it for more than five years, not realizing it contained a steriod.

    Here's the beginning of the lengthy email regarding the cream:


    You Could Get One or Two $45 Certificates from a Proposed Class Action Settlement

    There is a proposed class action
    settlement involving Mario Badescu Healing Cream and Control Cream. The
    lawsuit claims that Mario Badescu violated state and federal laws
    regarding the marketing and sale of Healing Cream and Control Cream by
    allegedly failing to disclose all of the ingredients used in the
    products. Mario Badescu denies any liability in this matter.


    Anyone who bought Mario Badescu Healing Cream or Control Cream at any time since February 15, 2009.

  • It's strange - I can't find any other confirmation of this story besides the S. Korean newspaper article. The FDA would have been ALL over this but I can't find any reference on their website. (Maybe I haven't looked back far enough though, I only searched through 2012 so far.) 

    I contacted the company for verification but I doubt that they'll respond if there's a lawsuit in the works. 
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    Here's a link confirming the lawsuit but all it says is that they're being sued for "failing to disclose all of the ingredients."  I'm still looking for confirmation that they added steroids to the product. 

  • Yep. I did a search when I got the email and saw the same links. And no, I doubt the company would have anything to say. Live and learn, right?
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