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What's the deal with Filloxane?

I recently saw an ad for this L'Oreal Paris Advanced Volume Filler line of products, and it uses this "revolutionary" ingredient called Filloxane, which is apparently used in the automotive industry. Just wondering if this is legit, and if so, would it be safe for consistent use on your hair?


  • This is actually a technology that L'Oreal has used in their professional line since about 2010. At the end of January 2014 they're launching it in their "vive" line. 

    I have no doubt it's safe for use but I haven't looked into the technology yet to see how efficacious it is. Supposedly they have a patent on it so I should be able to dig up something about how it works. Stay tuned. 
  • Thank you for the response Randy!

    I'm looking forward to any additional info on this.
  • Oh I wonder if that's what's so effective about the Ciment Thermique product from their Kerastase line. That stuff was heaven in my hair when it was blonde and overprocessed. Whenever I heat styled with it my hair was so smooth and non frizzy but still had tons of body and bounce. I DO hope they share that technology with the mass consumer, should fly off the shelves.
  • I finally found this new line at my local Walmart but I haven't had a chance to look into the ingredients. At first glance I didn't see anything that really stood out as innovative and unfortunately they don't have a patent number on the package so I can't look it up. I'll keep trying. 
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