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Preventing atheromas on the scalp

edited February 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
My scalp is prone to form these awful fatty atheromas that grow bigger and bigger (my dad also has them, my genes are to blame obviously). I once had a surgery to remove a big one but new ones are forming all the time. Is there anything proven to stop them from forming or at least from growing? I can't imagine having a surgery for each of them so is there something I can do?
While I was doing the stupid No poo nonsense with baking soda they seemed to get worse. So maybe there is hope that something will be right?


  • Sorry, but we can't help you there. Atheromas are a medical condition so you'll have to check with your doctor. 
  • Hiya I'm not a doctor just someone who cares about beauty science and I am SURE baking soda would irritate any scalp condition you have because it is both alkaline and too rough. Its meant to clean not use on people's faces. I would definitely suggest you use a normal shampoo. I have never heard of what you have so I am going to look it up but if you are sensitive use a baby shampoo, personal care products are not dangerous.
  • No poo is bad for everyone, baking soda and vinegar will ruin your hair and not cleaning your scalp properly leaves food for fungus.
  • Tree I was just wondering what its like to live in Korea, can I message you?
  • Here is a video:
    Well, not everyone can stomach it, you've been warned but it is interesting to see how it is removed, it's like a giant pimple. It just grows and grows until it's time to be removed.
    My doctor only told me to come and have my other cysts removed when they are big enough, he said there is nothing else I could do but I was hoping that there is some research on that.
  • Oh Tree, some people are queasy!!!
    Listen to Randy, talk to your doctor. If you want to try some at home options aside from surgery, search Atheroma treatment on Pubmed (better than google) and see if anything interesting pops up. Then suggest it to your doctor so that he/she can look into it and see if it's a viable option.

    And yes, baking soda most likely won't help, but who knows, I could be wrong.
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