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Child Beauty Pageants Banned in France – Should America Do the Same?

Since all developed countries claim to care about child welfare I think this pageants should be banned everywhere. Canada, US, NZ, Australia, Europe etc. I don't see how it is okay to set young girls up to be so criticized at a young age, it will surely lead to them having mental health problems.


  • Hey Rozy: We always appreciate your input on a variety of subjects but the Forum is really for asking beauty science questions so please don't expect us to comment much on social issues. Thanks.  
  • I thought it had to do with beauty culture but I didn't expect you to comment on it just forum members if it interested them.
  • I can delete it if you want not trying to throw the forum off topic. I'll try to stay on topic in the future. Hope my bra post is on topic. There were science claims being made in the article but not to do with chemistry specifically.
  • It's ok, you don't have to delete it. We don't mind an off topic post here and there we just want the main focus to remain on beauty science. I don't know much about the science of bras so I'm not really qualified to comment on your other discussion. 
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