Why doesn't eye shadow last?

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I haven't tried the most expensive kinds of eye shadow but all the others I have use just don't lat more than an hour or two and then they all gather somewhere in the crease of the eye. Why is this? What can I do to prevent it? And how do celebreties keep their smoky eye makeup on? Is there any secret I am not aware of? Even if I'm just sitting in my room reading the Beauty brains the eye shadows just don't last. 


  • As I understand it, using an eye shadow primer makes eye shadows long lasting. 
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    A few reasons:
    1. Gravity.
    2. Blinking a lot.
    3. Oily skin/eyelids.
    4. Powders can't stick onto the skin very well.

    1. Suspend yourself in zero gravity.
    2. Blink infrequently, if at all.
    3. Prevent yourself from having oily skin and/or make sure your eyelids aren't oily at all before applying shadow.
    4. Use a primer.


  • I think I will try nimber 1
  • Eyeshadow primer changes lives.
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