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What ingredients are the best at taming, shining, smoothing, etc. curly hair? Then I can compare products and types of products. Thanks!


  • You can find a lot of information on the website. You can find others with hair similar to your type, find out what they use and shorten your list of "possibles" of what might work for you.

    Some of the folks who post there use products containing silicones. Most do not, unless they are water soluble ones, because they don't use sulfates to remove the silicones and silicones will build up over time. Some use shampoo once or twice a week, some once a month, some never. (On days when they don't use shampoo they use silicones free conditioners and "co-wash", short for conditioner wash.)

    It is a challenge to find what works for you. I know that all too well, from experience. Good luck in your quest!
  • I have very curly hair and the best things I've found are as follows:
    1. Coconut oil. As a conditioner add in, preshampoo, deep treatment, leave in, etc. Amazing. I thank the beauty brains for this one.
    2. Silicone based serums. Godsend.
    3. Mousse, which can have all matter of holding ingredients. Crucial to frizz control while not weighing hair down.
    4. Water based leave in conditioner sprays. Godsend for refreshing slept on curls.
    5. Gentle shampoo. a lot of people even co-wash or use baby shampoo. depends on what the hair likes best.
    6. In conditioners and deep conditioners, I alternate between silicone based ones such as those from Pantene (definitely the best for detanglng) and fatty alcohol based ones (not as good at detangling but they weigh my hair down less).

    Experiment. Many curly heads are against silicone, but I'm all for it in measured amounts.
  • Thanks for all the info. I wash once a week and every morning add some sort of gel to detangle, etc. I find the silicone works well to fight frizz but looks awful after 5days. I need something that won't build up, or, still looks good after multiple uses. I will try the coconut oil and the conditioning spray and I've joined naturally curly. You never know who to believe, so I do appreciate the advice. Thanks again!
  • I too have curly hair and I always get keratin treatment done to straighten out my hair as it is the best way to get silky and shiny hair.
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