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BB and CC cream

edited December 2013 in Ask the Beauty Brains
What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream?


  • "BB" and "CC" are both marketing terms so it's tough to give a specific technical answer. 

    In general, a BB cream (aka Beauty Balm, Beauty Benefit, Blemish Base, or Blemish Balm) is typically a tinted moisturizer that also contains some level of sun protection sometimes along with other ingredients like antioxidants. 

    A CC cream (aka Color Correcting) cream is pretty much the same thing but may have a lighter texture and may incorporate light diffusing particles.  

    Again, the key is to realize these are marketing labels, not scientific terms.  A company can pretty much call its products anything it wants.

    Here's a nice summary of BB and CC creams written by our friend Cheryl Wischhover, formerly of Fashionista.   
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