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Wishing the Beauty Brains Beautiful Beginnings (Again)

edited December 2013 in Ask the Beauty Brains
All the best to you!  Don't worry, in no time you'll be where you need to be.


  • Lisa - thank you SO much! And thanks to everyone who rejoined the Forum!!
  • I'm with lisa. Well wishes to The Beauty Brains team!
    You're all amazing and soon enough you'll forget this as a 'minor stumbling block'.
  • Same here! Thanks Beauty Brains!
  • You guys have no idea how much your words of encouragement have helped us! 
  • New beginnings- with old friends! 
  • Beauty Brains: I'm sorry to read of the devastating loss of your work. So much time, thought, effort, and creativity yanked away without warning. I'm sure you can imagine worse situations, but a loss is a loss. Remember, grief is exhausting, so be sure to take good care of yourselves!
    I believe good comes from all our experiences, even the awful ones. I hope you soon realize the benefits that are sure to be on the way to you. I'm wondering if an increased level of trust and bonding with your readers may be a result of your misfortune. Personally, you seem more human and less scientist now. (I know...some scientists actually are human....) I wish I could hug you and help you. I feel a renewed sense of faith in your advice. I kind of wish I could adopt you, or that you would adopt me. day at a time...all things for a reason...breathe...drink water...remember that you have helped thousands and thousands of people and they are wishing you well at this very moment. That is pretty darn cool.
    Big hugs, Gail :-)
  • Gail: I'm drawing up the adoption papers right now. Thanks for the hugs (and for noticing that we're human.) 
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