Curly Girl method

Is there any science behind the Curly Girl method (basically avoiding sulfates and silicones in hair products, usually with cowashing instead of shampooing)? It sounds like another pseudo-science fad, but the before and after pictures are often striking. Is this method really gentler on hair?


  • Getting hair wet is always damaging, why not go flat out and use a real shampoo. Just my opinion, I have fine straight hair so I'd never dream of cowashing. Oily scalp is very uncomfortable for me and my hair gets weighed down easy and it looks bad. Ppl called me a "greaser" when I was younger. 
  • @ Frizzle - It may be a fad, but I have to say it has worked for me.  I have to avoid sulfates because my scalp reacts badly to them nowadays. Because I avoid sulfates I need to avoid silicones, unless they are of the water soluble variety. My hair is wavy/curly and I shampoo twice a week in winter and, generally, every other day in summer. On days when I don't use shampoo I use a no silicone conditioner to wash my hair. Right now that no silicone conditioner is Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut.

    When I first heard about/read about the Curly Girl (CG) Method I thought it sounded crazy. But I decided it might be crazy enough to work. And it did, and does, work for me. Just so you know, before I stopped shampooing every day my scalp was oily and the ends of my hair were as  dry as a desert. Now the scalp is much more normal and the ends are no longer dry.

    As to the science, if any, behind it? The Brains will have to answer that one. All I can offer is personal experience.

    Hope that helps.
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