Should I put my primer on before or after sunscreen?
  • According to my dermatologist the sunscreen goes on first.
  • Okay, thanks!
  • The type of sunscreen dictates the order.  If it is a chemical (PABA avobenzone, etc) or combined (physical & chemical sunscreens) sunscreen, you should apply if before your moisturizer and it absorbs the UVA/UVB and breaks it down.  A physical (zinc oxide - best, titanium dioxide) should be applied after moisturizer but before makeup, including primer.  If you find a physical sunscreen that contains silicones, you may find that it doubles as a primer.  I love Sanitas Solar Block (SPF 27) for this purpose.
  • TwoBirds: I'm not sure I follow you - are you suggesting that moisturizers "break down" UV absorbers? If so do you have any link to substantiate that? I'd like to check it out. Thanks.   
  • Oh no, wasn't saying anything about the moisturizer breaking the UV absorbers down, just stating that that was the mechanism that chemical sunscreens protect you from UV - by absorbing the radiation and "breaking it down" probably a much too simplified and clunky way to describe it but the easiest way to convey to the lay person in my experience.
  • Got it, that makes much more sense!

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