Is it true vinegar removes product buildup in hair because its acidic?


  • Vinegar can help remove mineral deposits from hard water. It won't help with conditioning or styling residue. An alkaline pH is better at removing styling polymers. 
  • I tried to rinsing with ACV for several weeks when I was trying out the no-poo thing. Yes I was stupid ... Anyway, it didn't do any good for me. My hair was in a terrible shape, my scalp was more worse.
  • Welcome to the club
  • Woow people swear it removes product buid up but I can't find any studies or anything. I been tryna figyrw this out. What does it do to hair?
  • What people say about a product doesn't much matter as they are easily fooled by their own biases.  Vinegar is not going to remove product build-up.
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