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Do pyrithione zinc conditioners have an effect?

My scalp has become progressively more irritated over the past year. So far, Head and Shoulders or Redken's dandruff shampoo outperform anything from my dermatologist. My question is about conditioners containing pyrithione zinc-- does that 0.5% do anything (when shampoos contain 1-2%)? Since the conditioner is the final step, does it really "lock in" the dandruff protection as the bottles say? Regular Pantene or Infusium conditioners tend to do a better job detangling my hair than zinc conditioners, so for the sake of manageability, I would rather use those if the 0.5% zinc is insignificant.

PS: Beauty Brains, y'all are awesome!! 


  • If you are using a dandruff shampoo you do not need to use the dandruff conditioner too.  Maybe the extra 0.5% dose will help slightly but you don't need it.  The shampoos are required to work by themselves.
  • Wonderful- good to know! Thank you! 
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