How to find the most effective treatment for undereye puffiness and dark circles?

Dear Brains!

I have this stubborn problem of puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I wish i could find an otimal solution for this problem in topical cream but so far it's just been waste of money. I wonder if there are specific ingredients to look for that really work...

If you could help, that's be so wonderful :) Thanks a lot in advance!


  •  I can understand your frustration as I have spent countless amounts of money on separate eye creams! Most do little to anything or nothing at all. I have only found one product that ever did anything what so ever and it was actually bought for me as a gift. I thought oh another eye cream to throw in a drawer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing after less than a week of using! I had reddish sometimes a purple cast under my eyes and I slowly seen it go down to I would say 70%! Sometimes I still can not believe something actually worked. Anyhow it is By Is Clinical and it is called Eye Complex. They have another called Youth Eye complex, that isn't the one that worked for me. Simply called Eye Complex. It is expensive but you can get it on Amazon a lot cheaper. I have actually had people ask what I have done different and that I look younger which is a great feeling. Hope this helps!!  And no I do not work for the company or am I affiliated.
  • Thanks a lot, Randy! Оk dark circles are impossible to get rid of. what about puffiness and swelling? no hope here?

  • shawn41, separate thanks to you! i will check this eye complex out for ingrediens (if i am able to find any). 
  • One can find various eye cream to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
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