Yogurt for skin
  • Hey Beauty Brains!  I have read that plain yogurt applied topically on the face has many benefits. Is there any proven proof that it can help in any way when applied ? Also I read a lot of pros and cons to using lemon on your face. Some swear by it and say it can do good for discolorations etc., then some say its awful and shouldn't be applied topically. I wanted to try a yogurt with a tad of lemon on my face and wondered is there any benefit to this at all? Thanks a lot!
  • Do not apply raw lemon juice onto your face! The ph is really low and you will probably get skin irritations. I have tried yoghurt before and it left my skin soft but I don't do it very often because it's a little messy. I think Greek yoghurt is prob the safest choice with live cultures? Not sure though
  • Thank you both for the replies! My mother used lemons on her skin for years for freckles  age spots etc and they would always fade when she used them. So lemon juice should not be put on your face at all even as spot treatments? Thanks again.

  • Thanks randy! I will put yogurt into my month and not on my skin anymore lol

  • Thanks for your tips . Yogurt is the best for skin . It is true , plain yogurt applied on the face has many benefits . It is lighten skin color .You can mixed lemon juice with yogurt .Thanks again .

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