At home remedy for pimples

Hiya! I was just wondering if there is any at home remedy to get rid of a few random pimples? I have read so many possible things at home that they say can help, from baking soda, to honey, to yogurt lol. Is there anything I can use from home that will help speed the process of them going away?


Thanks :)


  • An AHA will help with the healing process while BHAs will help with prevention & inflammation then you will also need an antibacterial.  So if you must use a home remedy perhaps some tea tree oil will serve as the antibacterial, I'm skeptical as to how much AHA is in a sugar and jojoba mix but you can try applying a paste of this daily & aspirin contains a BHA & a crushed aspirin paste will probably have the wrong pH to be effective but you can also use this as a mask to help with prevention and inflamed cystic acne.

    Why not just use a decent 5% benzoyl peroxide, a regular 5% glycolic acid leave on product & a 2% salicylic daily leave on product?

  • No home remedies are proven to work. (Even the best OTC drug product won't work on all acne.) But, as TwoBirds says, your best bets are the BP and BHA products. They're not very expensive. 
  • Thanks for all the advice TwoBirds and Randy as well! I do use 2% BHA Gel by Paula's Choice everyday, or her 1% lotion. Those are great for clearing pores but don't seem to do much for any existing pimples. I may have to try a 5% benzoyl peroxide product like you mentioned. :)
  • I have tried dabbing some neat lavender oil and it has always worked wonders for me. But YMMV so.
  • Thanks :)
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