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What’s the secret of Seacret skin care?

edited May 2014 in Root
Hayley asks (via Facebook)…Please please can you do a review on the skin line ‘Seacret‘? It’s newer and there’s not a lot of Info out there. The Beauty Brains respond: I got worried as soon as I saw Seacret’s audacious tagline : “Nature’s richest mineral treasure.” That’s right, this is another product line based on […] What’s the secret of Seacret skin care?


  • I always am hesitant purchasing cosmetics from companies that utilize a pyramid business model.

    Though there are a few cosmetic companies that do sell efficient products that use a pyramid business model, Seacret is one of the companies that lacks compelling ingredients for the price point.

    They don’t however lack trying to recruit women to use the product and compel them to join their pyramid business.

    As always ladies, use caution when being a consumer and doing business with pyramid businesses.
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