Does Camellia oil reduce stretch marks?

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MB asks…I recently found out that I’m pregnant. My mother has stretch marks and as I have read that it’s genetic in nature, I’m concerned about developing stretch marks during my pregnancy too. I have read here on beauty brains that there isn’t really any over the counter treatment for them. Is there any way […]


  • Hi,

    I'm 37 weeks pregnant and (luckily) no stretch marks. I've also heard it's genetic. I've also heard no special type of oil, perhaps except Vit. E oil, will prevent them, rather it's more that you keep your skin moistened and lubricated for easier stretching. I have no scientific evidence....this is all that I've heard and read. I am using a cream that has evening primrose, rosehip, mango butter, and vitamin e. So far, so good. I use it every night, from about 5 months. But if it really is a genetic thing, it wouldn't matter what type of cream I used! Good luck!

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