Does constant wearing of nail polish damage nails?

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My nails have always been healthy and hard with very few instances of flaking or ripping/tearing. 

Until a couple of months ago, I used to wear nail polish perhaps 6 or 7 times a year. But I've recently been getting into nail polish and have been wearing it nearly constantly for the past couple of months. I always use a base coat, 2-3 coats of colour and then 1-2 layers of top coat.

Two days ago I removed my nail polish and noticed that 2 nails are peeling in a couple of places.

So... does constant wearing of nail polish damage nails? 


  • Some polishes contain formaldehyde which can strengthen nails but also dry them out. This could account for the increased peeling you've observed. And if your'e using more polish you may be using more polish remover which may be based on acetone, a solvent that can dry out the nail and also cause damage.  
  • Thanks Randy. I should have mentioned that I use a non-acetone nail polish remover.

    Interesting about the formaldehyde! I've checked the ingredients for the top coat; it specifically states "sans formaldeyhyde". The base coat states that it helps prevent peeling & splitting. The coloured polish I was wearing last, however, doesn't list the ingredients so it may well contain formaldehyde.
  • Some polishes contain formaldehyde which can strengthen nails but also dry them out. try to use branded nail polish instead of local
    also check out the list of some best branded nail polishes
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  • Dark nail polish and can cause nails to turn an undesirable yellow. Traditional nail polish removers can really dry out your nails, leading to peeling and splitting. Avoid remover with an acetone base at all costs, to keep nails healthy.But if you use low-quality fraudulent nail polish, it can damage your nails.
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