In love with coconut oil
  • I thought coconut oil was just more one marketing trending... But it works (at least for my skin). 

    1 - Absorbs quickly, without leaving a unpleasant greasy and shiny sensation (for an oil);

    2 - Long lasting;

    3 - Easy to apply: in the bottle it's solid, like a butter, but when you apply it on the skin the fat melts - being easy to spread.

    4 - Forms a protective layer;

    5 - Maybe itt's even a bit silky.

    6 - No smell (or almost).

    (I used small amounts on dry areas).

    I've tried a lot of natural oils, like olive oil, but apparently the only thing those oils done for my skin was leaving a greasy sensation.

    Has anyone tried coconut oil?
  • I use extra virgin coconut oil in my hair weekly for deep conditioning.  :)

    For skin I use extra virgin olive oil. I am one of 'those' people. I use EVOO to clean makeup off at night and use no other cleansers, just the oil. I use it mixed in the body lotion during the day. It works for me.

    I am glad you found what works for you, pma!
  • I like avocado oil.
  • My hair loves coconut oil, unfortunately the rest of me doesn't.
    So it's restricted to the hair .

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