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Hyperhydrosis is no fun :(

Hi Randy, Perry, and all you "Brainy Beauties"!

First off, thanks for allowing me to post to your forum. I've been lurking on your site for a few years, and I just recently discovered your podcast. I'm also a longtime fan of Paula Begoun, so I am especially excited to hear things from the chemists' point of view! Big fan of the podcast!

I just finished reading your book "The Beauty Brains: Real Scientists Answer Your Beauty Questions." It's funny because
I had this question in mind when I signed up for your forum, not knowing that you cover excessive sweating at the end of the book (why don't you guys promote this book on your site along with the other two?)

My question is: would it be harmful to use a thin layer of antiperspirant on the face? I have a really annoying problem with facial sweating. I start sweating just leaving the house and getting into the car. Living in the hot and humid south definitely doesn't help. Wearing foundations/powders
are almost always a waste and look ridiculous once the sweat starts pouring down my face. :(

I have asked my dermatologist if Botox could somehow help, but he said it can't really be used for my type of sweating.
Has anything new emerged since your book was published?

Thanks to your book, I now know how antiperspirants work. I could imagine that doing this could make my acne prone skin very unhappy by plugging up sebum and bacteria in the pores. But, because of Ms. Begoun and my dermatologist, I have been able to keep my skin clear with twice daily use of 2% sal acid, topical clindamycin, and oral antibiotics.

So, is an antiperspirant worth a try?


P.S. Sorry for such a long post...I am desperate here! :)


  • An over the counter treatment that is more ideal for facial use than using standard antiperspirant is "Med e Tate" from Derma Doctor. This has become a red carpet and southern girl's staple to keep dry.

    Med e Tate wipes are hyperhidrosis-control wipes in single packettes that can be used on face and body.

    It contains:
    -Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly 19%: FDA approved newest generation high-potency antiperspirant.
    -GABA: Helps improve the ability to resist the temptation to sweat.
    -Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate: Small peptide mimics the activity of Temple Viper venom.

    It's a great alternative to Botox or using standard antiperspirants on the face.
  • Wow! I'll have to look into that! Sounds expensive. Have you used it?

  • It is about the same price as Botox but more versatile. I do makeup for TV, Film & Red Carpet and the studios rely on it. It is the best one out of all the ones we have used.
  • Anneemull: Welcome to the Forum and good luck with your facial sweating problem. I hope you find Christina's suggestion helpful. (I agree with her that standard APDs are not ideal for the face.)
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