squeaky clean hair

I use Tresemme Daily Cleansing shampoo on a weekly basis. It leaves my hair squeaky clean. I use coconut oil and leave in conditioner afterwards. Is squeaky clean hair harmful?


  • "Squeaky clean" is a signal that there's no residue left on your hair, which is a good thing from the perspective of maximizing body and volume. 

    Since you're conditioning your hair with a leave in and with coconut oil you shouldn't have any issue. 
    However, when left unconditioned, squeaky clean hair is more prone to damage because nothing has been done to smooth the cuticle. A raised cuticle results in increased friction which can lead to more damage. 

  • I was soooo excited that you answered my question n wrote a blog post. Thank u thank you. Forever a Fan !!
  • You're very welcome - we love enthusiastic fans like you! And remember, you can even ask an audio question and hear your voice on The Beauty Brains Show. Just record your question on your phone or computer and email the sound file to me at thebeautybrains@gmail.com. 
  • Yes, it's great to have fans!
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