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Hair-slip and shedding

edited June 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
One type of question that comes up semi-regularly on this reddit board ( is along the lines of "Why is my conditioner/oil treatment 'making' my hair fall out?" Basically people use certain products and see more hairs than usual coming away on their hands.

I've assumed in the past that this increase is due to the product providing more slip to their hair than usual and thus allowing shed hairs to slide away from the rest more easily. I can't see how a product or oil could be flash-forcing a growing hair through its catagen and telogen phases in the time that the product is in contact with the scalp. I'm no scientist, though, and My search of pubmed hasn't turned up anything on the topic, so I thought I'd ask over here if you've seen anything that indicates that conditioners or oils on the scalp could possibly "make" hair fall out, or is that as unlikely as it sounds?
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