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Preserving Vitamin C serums

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A lot of people, myself included, are taking a diy route for this product, and I know refrigeration will slow the oxidation, but how will freezing affect a formulation like Skinceuticals C and E Ferulic and the LotionCrafter copycat kit? 

You can find the ingredients for the lotioncrafter mix here:


  • Freezing is never recommended for a cream or lotion because it can cause the motion to break. A good cosmetic formulator does some worse case freeze thaw testing to make sure their products won't fall apart after one or two cycles but you shouldn't be deliberately exposing your product to freezing temperatures to prevent oxidation.
  • But in the fridge? Is it ok for vitamin C serums? If I'm not wrong SkinCeuticals serums should be stored in the fridge after opening.

    This blogger made an interesting test with a vitamin C serum:

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    "Freezing is never recommended for a cream or lotion because it can cause the motion to break."

    Since this is a serum, does that make a difference?

    Thanks for sharing that, it was really interesting.
  • If it's a true serum it's less likely to separate than an emulsion but, in general, freezing is not a good idea even for solutions because it messes with the solubility of the components. 
  • The fridge is fine! Chemical reactions double in speed for every 10C increase in temperature so cooler is better.
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