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How To Cure Hard Skin On Feet Once And For All?

edited June 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hello lovely blog,
  I've been suffering from hard skin on my feet for as long as I've known. I barely wear high heels, only normal flats, and most of the time I stay at home bare feet. I've researched on this topic for many years and tried many methods recommended: soaking in warm water, using pumice stone, using foot file, Vaseline, moisturising lotion, cutting the hard skin off with a nail clipper, exfoliating w/ salycilic acid etc. Some of them (using pumice stone, using foot file, , exfoliating w/ salycilic acid) do work, but only for a maximum of 2 days. After 2 days then I need to redo this whole regime. I'm so tired of this whole regime & find it ineffective. 

  The weird thing is I've tried exfoliating with salycilic acid as recommended by a pharmacist. After exfoliation, I did Pilates as usual. The 2nd day, the hard skin immediately reappeared despite I did not step out of my house the entire day for that 2 days. Do you have any advices of what efficient ways I can do to cure this hard skin permanently on my feet?

  Thanks, your comment will take the conditions of my feet to a whole new level.


  • Alisas: You've certainly tried everything we could quickly think of. We recently came across this Baby Foot Pad product. Maybe this heavy duty AHA treatment followed by a really good barrier cream moisturizer might help. 

    Hopefully our readers will have additional suggestions for you. Good luck!
  • An AHA treatment and moisturizing treatment will help alleviate the dry heel however the main cause for developing hardened skin on the heel is being barefoot (even around the house) or wearing flats with thin soles.

    Hardened heels are a sign that your body needs more support under your feet. It is a way of creating a callous-like shoe to protect you.

    When you are home, wear slippers with proper support for your heels and when you are out wearing flats ensure your soles are adequate.

    Otherwise, the AHA and moisture treatment will not stop the continual hardening. Treat, moisturize and support.
  • ChristinaLala, thx for the advices. Will definitely try so, what about exercising at home (like doing Pilates)? Should I wear a sport shoe as well? Thanks.
  • While doing Pilates, invest in a ballet slipper. The best kind for Pilates are canvas split sole ballet slippers that you can get at your local dance shoppe.

    They will give you the flexibility to stretch your feet for Pilates but the soles will support your heels and absorb the impact and pressure.
  • ChristinaLala, just for an update!!! The ballet slipper works find for me, thanks for the recommendation. :) However, for flats (wearing when I'm out as u recommended), I find that it makes the balls of my feet hardened, and if I wear flats for long hours, my feet stinks. Any recommended solution for this?
  • Hi ChristinaLaLa - I have found that foot files, pumice stones and all other manner of abrasives on the feet just makes matters worse. I use a stiff brush (like an oversized nail brush) and brush my heels vigorously for a half a minute every day (after shower when skin os softened). This also stimulates circulation.
    Finish with a moisturizer and wear socks for about 10 minutes so the cream/moisturizer can soak in. This has worked for me my entire adult life. I used to have 'leather soles', but no more. Hope this helps.
  • The trick to wearing flats is to ensure that the flat matches the shape of your foot. Arch support and distributing weight varies by foot shape.

    I also agree that a nail manicure brush is a great way to maintain exfoliation without overstimulating.
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