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Can coconut or olive oil penetrate hair follicles?

edited July 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hi beauty brains,
Thx again for educating me with these facts: silicones & sulfates aren't as bad, natural ingredients are false claims, etc.

After reading all previous posts about hairs, I wonder:
1. Since hair is dead, keratinized (I don't understand what this term means, perhaps would u mind to explain? Thx) protein, so it can't be healthy. Only hair follicles (are they the same as the roots of the hair?) can be healthy. Hair follicles can be healthy via diets only, am I right?

2. So penetrating ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, polyelectrolyte
complex (PEC), cetrimonium
chloride, etc.
I know they strengthen the hair, but do they strengthen hair follicles?

3. If not, is there any thing that strengthens hair follicles?

4. Speaking so, my theory is isn't it kinda worthless for all the efforts of conditioning hair since "our old hair" might look healthy (w/ water of hydration blah blah blah), but new hair growing out may still be brittle? & the conditioned, smooth hair will be gone once we have a hair cut?

5. Thus, I can technically damage my hair via heat treatments, hair dyes whatsoever as long as I don't spoil or damage my hair follicles?

Thx for solving all my doubts, I hope I'm not weird enuf to freak u out! Ha!
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