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Can this product really unplug pores? Not sure which ingredient would attribute this, the calcium carbonate maybe?


  • Which product are you talking about? If you can send me a link to the ingredients I'll take a look at it. 
  • Sorry Randy, forgot to add it. Here it is.

    Turns out it contains kaolin, which I guess "sucks" out the blackheads.
  • I'm very skeptical on this one. I'll try to address this on the blog next week.
  • Was the answer posted on the blog? I might have missed it, if it was.
  • Sorry, I haven't gotten around to this yet. I'll take a look right now. 

  • Ok, here are the ingredients: 

    Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin,Zinc Oxide (CI 177497)

    And here's what the product claims: 
    For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application. 

    If the calcium carbonate is untreated, it can absorb large amounts of oil. Kaolin, a type of clay, can have low, medium, or high oil absorbing properties depending on the type. So, yeah, I'll accept that this product will absorb excess oil out of your pores. And, since oil is ONE contributing factor to acne, this product could in theory help to prevent black heads. 

    I don't see any reason, however, that it "unclog" pores of dead skin cells and bacteria. 

    So, it won't "suck out" a blackhead after it's formed but it might help reduce the chances of a blackhead forming in the first place. 

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