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Does Poo Pourri really prevent bathroom odors?

edited October 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Lexi says…I typically skip over YouTube commercials but I saw one yesterday that mesmerized me – some British chick talking about a product called “Poo Pourri” that covers up bathroom odors. The commercial looks like a total joke but apparently it’s a real product. Is this any better than a regular air freshener? Enlighten us […]


  • does work. My friend sells it in her store. Te actress is a Scottish girl and the commercial was shot in Utah. The product costs abut $6.
  • Do you have a link to the product?
  • Something else that actually works is just  a few drops of essential oil sprinkled in the toilet. I wasn't going to try expensive EO's, but I had some citronella and it works perfectly.
  • PerryR, if you saw the same commercial I did, it's a hoot! VERY well done. I have to compliment the actress on a job well done too. I laugh so hard every time I watch it and she manages to keep a straight face - amazing!
  • It works by creating an oily film on the surface of the loo water, trapping the poo fumes under the film. You have to spray enough to create a film but it does work. Only problem is that once you use it enough, you then associate the citrus poo pouri smell with poo anyway!
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