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Split Ends

edited December 2013 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hi there!

On the former site you folks had posted a recommendation for Neutrogena Triple Moisture for some moderate help with split ends.  I think Neutrogena no longer makes that brand, and I know the technology moves forward and patents expire.  Can you update us all on products that work to assist in managing split ends?


Lady Geek


  • I managed to resurrect this old post where we talked about hair repair technology:

    The bottom line is that you should look for products that contain these two ingredients: 

    PVM/MA copolymer
  • Interesting! What is the usage rates for these 2 ingredients?
  • Typical use levels are around a percent or so. But if you're thinking of mixing up your own, be careful. Here are some of the issues (these notes from a previous post that we lost in the blog crash)

    - Are PVM/MA and Polyquaternium 28 available retail? I've found only wholesale suppliers.
    My assumption is that you will only be able to buy from a chemical manufacturer or distributor.  Typically, they will need to set up a business account which will require a business address (i.e. not a residential address) to ship these types of chemicals.  That's not to say a clever internet researcher could not find something online from an import source.  Another idea may be to set yourself up as a  "cosmetc formulator/consultant" and order samples on Innovadex...

    - Could I just mix them together, or is there more to making a PEC?
    Yes, ALOT more!
    First, the use levels of each must be such that the charges are in a 1:1 ratio (this ensures that they stick together the best).  Every polymer has different charge densities, so great care (and math) is used to figure out how much of each should be added.
    Second, the way in which you add them together matters (temperature, mixing speed, mixing time, addition rate).
    Third, most companies who make PECs also analyze the mixture under a microscope to ensure the PECs were made right.  Special care is taken to ensure all PECs are uniform in shape and size.  If a PEC is too big, it may not work.
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